Contract Verification


Please provide guidance on how to verify a Cosmwasm contract provided in the form of a cw-template or workspace template (cw-plus).

The purpose of verification is to allow users to inspect the verified contract code and ensure its trustworthiness.

Cosmwasm supports verification via checksum, allowing users to verify the deployed contract code using its codeId.

Verification can be conducted through the following form, where the built checksum, contract code, and schema are extracted and provided to the user.

Unverifiable Contracts

Types of contracts that are unable to verify are the following:

  • Projects that do not match the compiler (cosmwasm/rust-optimizer, cosmwasm/workspace-optimizer)
  • Contracts without corresponding script aliases in cargo schema
    • If there is no alias like schema = "run --example schema" in the .cargo/config file

Check Verification

After executing the "verify contract" command, you can enter the queueId from "result" to check the outcome of the verification.

Result ID*

Verify Contract

You can proceed with verification by aligning the values according to the contract.

Optimizer Type*
Optimizer Version*
Repository Url*
Branch Name*