Smart Contracts
Create Contracts

Create Contracts

To implement a wasm smart contract, it is highly recommended to learn Rust first. Rust is the language commonly used for wasm development and is well-regarded for its stability and performance. You can begin your Rust learning journey by referring to the following link:

Rust Language Learning Guide (opens in a new tab)

For smart contract development, you can follow the structure provided by CosmWasm's template. This template will help you understand the project's architecture and enable you to develop your contract more systematically. You can find the template at the following link:

CosmWasm Template (opens in a new tab), (opens in a new tab)

Among the popular smart contract samples, there are cw20 and cw721 implementations. cw20 represents a widely-used token contract, while cw721 implements a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) contract. These samples can be valuable references during your development process. You can explore the code for each sample through the links below:

cw20 (opens in a new tab), cw721 (opens in a new tab)

For all great CosmWasm tools, (opens in a new tab)

Although smart contract development can be complex, leveraging the provided resources will increase your chances of successfully completing your project. Additionally, make sure to actively engage with the community and online resources to continue your learning journey and receive ongoing support. Best of luck!