How to add your project on Ecosystem (dApp)

To add ecosystem on mintscan.


You can add dApp information in the mintscan/dapp/{chain}/constants.json, and upload image file in mintscan/dapp/{chain}/image/{id}.png to display Mintscan's ecosystem page.


  • id : Please enter a unique name for dapp in kebab-case format.
  • name : Please enter a unique name for dapp.
  • dappType : Please select one of the following dapp types. (DAO, Defi, Defi&NFT, NFT, Social, Gamble, Others, Dashboard, Data, Defi&Social, Bridge, Vaults, Lending, System, Dex, Liquid Staking)
  • description : a description of dapp.
  • link : dapp's link
  • image (file) : Please upload a 1125x600px png file to the path "mintscan/dapp/{chain}/image/{id}.png". {id} corresponds to the top id, and it is a unique name for the dapp in kebab-case format.


  • social.webSite : dapp's official website
  • social.twitter : dapp's twitter
  • social.medium : dapp's medium (blog)
  • social.github : dapp's github
  • : dapp's documentation
  • comingSoon : Please enter true if it is a dapp that has not yet been released, otherwise enter false. On the screen, the dapp is displayed as coming soon.
// example mintscan/dapp/\{chain\}/constants.json
    "id": "astroport",
    "name": "astroport",
    "dappType": "Dex",
    "description": "Astroport is an AMM(Automated Market Maker)-style decentralized exchange built with CosmWasm smart contracts.",
    "link": "",
    "social": {
      "webSite": "",
      "twitter": "",
      "medium": "",
      "github": "",
      "docs": ""
    "comingSoon": false