ERC20 Metadata

How to add your ERC20 token info

To add erc20 asset metadata on mintscan assets.


Evmos Erc20 (opens in a new tab) list supporting

  1. Fork this repo to your own github account
  2. Clone fork and create new branch
git clone
cd chainlist
git branch <branch_name>
git checkout <branch_name>
  1. Add the info of your token in the chain that your token needs to be displayed If there is no chain in the list, create a folder for the chain and add info in the folder Then add the name of the folder in: supports.json Changes will be updated within 24 hours after merged to master
chainIdChainId of the chain
addressToken's contract_address
chainNameName of the displayed token
symbolName of token's symbol
decimalsDecimal of the token
imageImage route of the token
/${targetChain}/asset add image in the folder
Make sure to upload a pngfile
defaultdefault value is false
coinGeckoId (optional)Coin gecko site's API ID
Empty string if none

  • ERC20 Token /${targetChain}/contract.json

        "chainId": 9001,
        "chainName": "evmos",
        "address": "0xD4949664cD82660AaE99bEdc034a0deA8A0bd517",
        "symbol": "WEVMOS",
        "description": "Wrapped Evmos",
        "decimals": 18,
        "image": "evmos/asset/wevmos.png",
        "default": true,
        "coinGeckoId": "evmos"
        "chainId": 9001,
        "chainName": "evmos",
        "address": "0xb72A7567847abA28A2819B855D7fE679D4f59846",
        "symbol": "ceUSDT",
        "description": "Tether USD (Celer)",
        "decimals": 6,
        "image": "ethereum/asset/usdt.png",
        "default": false,
        "coinGeckoId": "tether"
    1. Commit and push to your fork
    git add -A
    git commit -m “Add <YOUR TOKEN NAME>
    git push origin <branch_name>
    1. From your repository, make pull request (PR)