Cosmostation is a committed interchain service provider in the Cosmos ecosystem, established since its genesis in 2019. Our array of tools, including Mintscan, Mintscan API, and Cosmostation wallets showcases our dedication to the community. This developer documentation is your guide to understanding and utilizing our offerings for enhanced protocol development.


Mintscan is the second generation blockchain analytics platform specialized in on-chain data visualization.

  • Explorer
  • Data analyzer
  • Interchain Hub


First Class Access to Indexed Interchain Data. Streamline your connection to Interchain with Mintscan API.

  • RPC Endpoint
  • Historical API
  • Builder API
  • Statistics API
  • Custom API
  • Search API

Extension Wallet

Cosmostation is a non-custodial multi-chain cryptocurrency browser extension wallet that supports 50+ chains including Ethereum, Cosmos, Sui, and more.

Mobile Wallet

Industry leading non-custodial mobile wallet supporting 50+ interchain networks. Enjoy native staking, IBC send, voting, and token swap on mobile.