Cosmostation Wallet

Cosmostation wallet is a non-custodial mobile/web/extension wallet that supports a wide range of PoS networks. The wallet allows users to easily access and sign transactions on various networks and decentralized applications with GUIs available on mobile and web environments.

Cosmostation is a leading PoS validator node opeartor across 40+ networks. The networks supported on Cosmostation are interconnected with each other via the Cosmos IBC(Inter-Blockchain Communication) Protocol and multiple partner bridges including Gravity Bridge Chain, Axelar, Nomad, and more.

Users are able to trustlessly transfer assets from one chain to another and access large pools of interchain liquidity and a diverse set of dApps deployed on self-soveriegn networks supported on the application.

Cosmostation also provides an integrated interchain experience by developing and maintaining, an interchain explorer designed to help users and developers navigate networks and smart contracts.