Mintstation is a network designed for testing the Cosmos SDK. It provides access to the latest features of the Cosmos ecosystem, allowing users to leverage CosmWasm smart contracts.

In this documentation, the following topics are covered:

  • Local network installation
  • CLI usage
  • Running a full node and participating as a validator
  • Utilizing Cosmwasm for smart contract development
  • Custom module development

Mintstation offers a testing ground for developers and users to explore and experiment with the capabilities of the Cosmos SDK while having the ability to interact with CosmWasm smart contracts. The documentation provides comprehensive guidance on setting up a local network, utilizing the CLI, engaging as a validator, and leveraging Cosmwasm for smart contract deployment. Additionally, developers are encouraged to explore custom module development to tailor the network to their specific needs.

By providing an environment that maintains the latest features of the Cosmos SDK and supports Cosmwasm smart contracts, Mintstation facilitates a dynamic and insightful experience for individuals and teams working within the Cosmos ecosystem.