Welcome to Mintstation Playground, it makes easy to connect your wallet to the Mintstation blockchain and build your projects seamlessly.


With this project, you can easily connect your wallet in any environment, be it on a PC or mobile device. Using the Mintscan API (opens in a new tab), you can conveniently build your products with ease.

Mintstation (opens in a new tab) provides an environment where you can test and utilize the cosmos-sdk and smart contracts. You can test various features and see the results immediately without the need for setting up a separate network.

How to use

Take a look at the code in Mintstation Playground to experience the easiest way to understand the Cosmos SDK and develop a DApp. This is the simplest way to grasp the Cosmos ecosystem.

Support features


  • Using the Mintscan API, you can easily get history or create a dashboard where you can view asset information at a glance.


  • Easily access the Faucet feature to obtain Mintstation tokens for testing and development purposes.

Bank Module

  • You can easily implement a function that allows you to easily send tokens within Mintstation.

Validator List

  • Get information about validators within Mintstation.

Staking Module

  • You can easily implement the function to easily stake and unstake tokens within Mintstation.

TBD : Governance, Smart Contracts, Swap