CLI Introduction

CLI Introduction


mintstationd is a command line client for the Mintstation. Mintstation users can use mintstationd to send transactions to the Mintstation network and query the blockchain data.

See here for instructions on installing mintstationd.

Working Directory

The default working directory for the mintstationd is $HOME/.mintstation, which is mainly used to store configuration files and blockchain data. The Mintstation key data is saved in the working directory of mintstationd. You can also specify the mintstationd working directory by using the --home flag when executing mintstationd.

Connecting to a Full-Node

By default, mintstationd uses tcp://localhost:26657 as the RPC address to connect to the Mintstation network. This default configuration assumes that the machine executing mintstationd is running as a full-node.

The RPC address can be specified to connect to any full-node with an exposed RPC port by adding the --node flag when executing mintstationd