Node & Validator
Useful Commands

Useful commands

Upgrade to a validator

Do not attempt to upgrade your node to a validator until the node is fully in sync as per the previous step.

To upgrade the node to a validator, you will need to submit a create-validator transaction:

mintstationd tx staking create-validator \
  --amount 1000000umint \
  --commission-max-change-rate "0.1" \
  --commission-max-rate "0.20" \
  --commission-rate "0.1" \
  --min-self-delegation "1" \
  --details "validators write bios too" \
  --pubkey=$(mintstationd tendermint show-validator) \
  --moniker "$MONIKER_NAME" \
  --chain-id $CHAIN_ID \
  --gas-prices 0.025umint \
  --from <key-name>

The above transaction is just an example. There are many more flags that can be set to customise your validator, such as your validator website, or id, etc. To see a full list:

mintstationd tx staking create-validator --help


mintstationd tx slashing unjail --from <key-name> --chain-id mintstation-1 --fees 100umint

To track your validator's signing history, copy the validator public key:

mintstationd tendermint show-validator

Use your validators public key queried above as the validator-pubkey below:

mintstationd query slashing signing-info <validator-pubkey>


mintstationd query slashing signing-info '{"@type":"/cosmos.crypto.ed25519.PubKey","key":"HlixoxNZBPq4pBOYEimtSq9Ak4peBISVsIbI5ZHrEAU="}'