Extension Wallet
User guide


Customize the wallet extension in wallet settings.

Dark mode

Toggle back and forth to choose between Dark or Light mode.

Dark mode

Address Book

Create different address books for each chain. You can use the address book when using the 'Send' function.

Step 1 View / Add addresses to the chain you selected.

Step 2 Enter address information and click 'Save'.

  • Label your address to distinguish them from one another.

Memo is optional but required to transfer assets to centralized cryptocurrency exchanges. Centralized exchanges will ask you to enter a memo for identification when you make a deposit.

Address Book Detail

If you add addresses in the address book, you can use the address book feature when sending assets.

Change password

Enter your current password and to change it to a new password. Enter the new password once more to confirm.


Make sure that you enter more than 8 characters for the password.

Currency & Language

Cosmostation Wallet Extension supports 2 languages and 5 currencies. We plan to support more currencies and languages in the near future.

Currency & Language

Lock screen

Lock your screen to secure your wallet.